Email Signatures: The Secret Weapon in your Marketing Armoury

Time: the one commodity we can all safely say we’ve never got enough of. Precisely why anything that wastes our time is incredibly exasperating and infuriating, right?

Exasperated and infuriated are two very good words to describe how I’ve felt on many an occasion when I’ve had to resort to trawling the internet to find a phone number or website address for someone who’s emailed me. I can’t fathom it; if you want to do business with someone, surely you should make it easy for them to get in touch?

You Wouldn’t Present a Blank Business Card … So Why an Empty Email?

When you meet a new contact or client, you present them with your business card. Would you dream of presenting a card that consisted solely of your name? Of course not! So why then do so many people send business emails that do just this?

Missing a Trick?

Not only does it look unprofessional, and not only is it infuriating for the recipient; an email void of a signature is seriously missing a trick: a marketing trick.

Email signatures are simple yet critical marketing tools. How many emails do you send each day, on average? Think of each one as an opportunity to share your message. Here are just a few ways in which you could be putting your email signature to good use:

Social media is an incredibly important, integral part of any marketing campaign, there’s no denying it. If you’re doing it, why not use your email signature to let people know you’re out there and ready to connect? Include links to all your platforms and your follows and likes stand a much better chance of growing.

Latest offers … if you run offers or seasonal deals as part of your marketing campaign, shout about them in your email signature! Take this a step further by including a link to a special offer ‘landing page’ on your website so you can measure how many sales you’ve generated from your link.

What others say … got a great testimonial from a client? Share it! There’s nothing more attention grabbing than an endorsement of your work or expertise.

And the Award goes to … won an award? Don’t hide it under a bushel! Get that logo on your email signature so everyone knows you’ve been celebrated.

Do you see just how versatile a marketing tool your email signature can be? And so incredibly cost effective too as once it’s done, bar some occasional updating if you want to, it’s done!

And now for … the Serious Bit at the End (this could save you a fortune)

Did you know there are strict rules concerning what must be included in an email signature used for commercial purposes in the UK? If you fail to include your company registration number, place of registration and registered office address in a legible fashion on all your emails (and your website), then as of 1 January 2007, you risk a fine for a breach of the Companies Act.

Powerful; Versatile: Your Electronic Business Card

An email signature is: a simple yet incredibly powerful and versatile marketing tool; your electronic business card; an opportunity to connect; a way to drive traffic to your website. So take my advice, and make the most of it!

Not sure how to go about getting yourself a great looking email signature that ticks all the boxes? Sourcerer is at your service!

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